MOD Cup, a local coffee shop was promoting a poster contest that was based upon riffing on your favorite album art. The only requirements were originality and incorporating their brand into the piece. My two initial thoughts was to replicate the drawing from Green Day’s iconic Dookie album and the Who’s iconic Who’s Next album.

My focus and concept for “Drinkie” was to incorporate the public park that’s located directly across the street from Mod Cup’s front door into the drawing. Other thoughts were to incorporate the Mod Cup’s coffee mug and their Drink Modern Coffee tagline.

For the riff on the Who album, my thought was to simply replace the original wall the band is in front of with a bag of Mod Cup’s coffee. I wanted to also replicate as much as possible the old film grain look of the photo.

I was out voted on Mod’s instagram feed by a few votes but thrilled to land as a runner-up.