It’s been re-created countless times before by numerous artists and fans from its initial inception back in the day. The original concept created by Jim Phillips; his iconic Screaming Hand has been recognized for Santa Cruz skateboards throughout the world for multiple decades.

In my creative rendering of the hand, I envisioned the hand holding a mobile phone and reading “Mobile Rules” as a nod to the sign of the times where the mobile space becomes more and more driven by our day-to-day lives. Sometimes screaming in overload of it all.

I purposely broke “Mobile” into two lines to read as Mob (and then) Rules at quick glance. It’s a subtle reference to a famous Black Sabbath album. Sabbath fans, including myself will get it.

I had fun with this. It was one of those ideas that popped into my head randomly and I needed to get out onto paper. It was also a good excuse to break out the pens and markers.