Jägermeister Anti-Valentine’s Day


THE PROBLEM: Jägermeister wanted to develop a social campaign that would engage their target demographic and would provide information about their target market through the use of social media inclusive of Twitter and Facebook. Jägermeister had never developed a campaign like this before so it was a learning experience along the way. This was a targeted paid campaign that leveraged led-gen posts on Facebook and Twitter and took the user through data capture, confirmation email and a coupon redemption process through a third party marketing vendor.

THE SOLUTION: I was able to design through a process a branded look and feel for this campain. I presented ideas of what this fictitious holiday could look like. I leverage various types of image treatments, background treatments, logo lockups and use of imagery for this campaign. I also put into situation how this would all look on mobile devices from within the social apps. In addition to the mobile app in-situ mockups, I designed a confirmation email page, an opt-out landing page and an age gate page once the user engages with the post. I worked with a senior copywriter in the development of ideas and accompanying copy for this campaign that would be engaging and creative. I also worked with a Creative Director in the development of graphics, Social Strategists and Account Directors throughout this campaign.