Cabela’s Product & Lifestyle App-MagPlus DPS


THE IDEA: I had an idea to create a lifestyle user engagement Digital Publishing Solution app for Cabela’s. I took it upon myself to design a DPS app using MagPlus that would include featured Cabela’s product, product demonstration videos, featured stories from sportsman about their hunts and outdoor adventures and brand awareness about Cabela’s products. I also wanted to feature current campaign photos and lifestyle shots from Cabela’s.

THE SOLUTION: I was able to design and create a lifestyle app that was both engaging and informative. Sections such as Hunting Gear, I picked out Cabela’s product that would be best suited for a hunt. I designed each featured product so that the user could by the product directly in the app. I linked the products into the Cabela’s website store. In addition to the featured products, I designed the app to be responsive so that when the user turns the device landscape and portrait, different content loads. I chose to design the app this way so that it would be more engaging for the user.

THE RESULT: Once I was finished with the app design, I again took it upon myself to present the idea to my creative department. Because it had come out so well I was asked to present the app idea to the client. A meeting was set up with several Cabela’s Account Directors, Media Strategists and the Chief Operating Officer for me to present the app. I digitally project a live version of the app on screen and walked through all the details of the app and proposed why this solution was ideal for such a large product based company and catalog. It was overwhelmingly well received and put into motion to develop this idea further for further product campaigns.

See the App in Action