Concept 1-Gray

Based on the 1986 Burton Cruzer 165 board design.

Concept 2-White

Based on the 1986 Burton Cruzer 165 board design.


At 11 years old in 1993, I purchased my first snowboard. The 1986 Burton Cruzer 165. I purchased the board at a local yard sale in my home state of Vermont for $25.00. I had to wait all summer and when it finally snowed, I hit my parents back hill to teach myself how to ride with nothing more than the will to learn and a pair of Burton Work boots. It was this time where I developed my love for snowboarding and the culture that surrounds it. The board sits mounted proudly on my wall and reminds me of simple and humble beginnings in my life.

I wanted to pay homage to this great design from ’86 and develop a tee shirt concept that would replicate the original Burton logo designs and original stripe designs from the board. Also as part of this concept, I wanted to develop a sewn on label located at the bottom left of the shirt that included the Burton logo and the written credit to the Burton staff that is also printed on the board.