Baseball Prospectus 2015 Hall of Fame App MagPlus DPS


THE PROBLEM: Baseball Prospectus came to me with a project for the 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame that involved designing 4 Digital Publishing Solutions leveraging MagPlus. In the initial upfront conversations with the client, I had walked them through the MagPlus system and the features MP offered for the app development. Once I had sign off from the client, I was tasked with designing the overall look and feel, user interface and experience, collaborating with Major League Baseball writers, managing content from the account director and writers and producing each app to work across both iOS and Android devices for tablet and phone.

THE SOLUTION: Before I started on individual designs within the MP system, I developed wireframes that mapped out how the user interaction would work across the app. This allowed my to think about how the user was going to read and engage with the app on both tablet and phone devices. I had to think about scale and design for smaller spaces. Once I had approvals on the wireframes, I started creating layouts that featured the articles about each player, interactive chart and image galleries along with highlight videos. I had access to a library of professional photos from Major League Baseball that allowed me to capture high quality images that best represented each player. I was able to fully overhaul the overall look and feel for the publication that was much more appealing both visually and interactive. The end result was 4 well received applications that worked across both iOS and Android devices and published in the Apple Application store and Google Play store.

BP MagPlus App Wireframe Design


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