THE IDEA: I wanted to create, design and develop a snowboard brand by developing creative designs that I could screen print onto tee shirts. Because I have a passion for snowboarding and have deep roots from with the ski industry in Vermont, I wanted to self teach myself how to screen print onto tee shirts. Established in 2011, I have taken it upon myself to develop designs that keep with the current trends within the snowboard lifestyle and industry. Named AGNCY and purposely spelled incorrectly, I wanted to have a name that was the antithesis to corporate snowboarding that’s often exploited through large corporations with whom do not keep true to snowboardings roots and community lifestyle it continuously portrays.

THE RESULT: Through trial an error of teaching myself how to screen print using basic materials and tools, I was able to develop a system that produced successful results in screen printing my designs onto shirts. Along the way I have learned various techniques that I apply each time I screen print. This is an ongoing passion project that have created for myself that keeps my creativity sharp and challenges me in creating new ideas.